Private Label Manufacturing Frequent Questions

Private Label Manufacturing— especially as a start-up clothing brand — is an involved process. There are many considerations and many questions you may have. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can answer some basic and essential questions regarding private label clothing manufacturing and customization. Please make sure you check this page before contacting us.


What is your minimum order for your apparel manufacturing services?

Keeping in view needs of startling brands or test marketing of new products lines we facilitate our customer by offering them Lower Minimum Quantity. We accept minimum 50 units per style of products on most of the orders however sometimes to absorb setup costs we need to increase this lower minimum limit.


What is factory pricing?

Since we have our own manufacturing facilities so there is no middle man commission involve like wholesaler, retail or any agency. Every customer will be directly quoted from the factory.


How do discounts work?

Higher the quantity ordered per style lower the price per unit will be. We always strive to transfer cost benefits from economy of scales to our customers in the term of lower prices. So we always encourage our customer to confidently proceed with reasonable quantities for the best pricing.


Can I order a sample before ordering?

Yes, we will produce a sample free of charge with any production order. However: free preproduction samples cannot be created until we have received the production order deposit.


If you would like a sample before putting in a production order, we can accommodate that request — but will have to charge for the sample.


While we can technically produce a finished sample for any garment, the cost of a sample can be prohibitively expensive in small orders. In small run orders, it is simply not cost effective to request a sample. If you want a sample no matter what, please be aware of the cost.


You can write us to get idea about sampling cost.


Can you do precise color matching?

Precise color matching depends on the services you need. We can mix Pantone colors for inks in screen printing and dyes in sublimation. As for embroidery, since there is no way for us to “mix” threads, we are limited to the stock color selection provided by our thread suppliers.


What if I don’t have a design, artwork, or logo?

We do not offer artwork creation or artwork design services. We are not an artwork studio and we do not specialize in the creation of such artwork. For the best possible results, we strongly recommend pursuing someone with a specialty in art, design, and logo creation.


What if my artwork, design, or logo is not in production-ready format?

We do offer artwork conversion: that is, if your artwork or logo is not in digitized, production-ready format, we can convert the logo from non-standard format into standard production formats (e.g., DST for embroidery or vector-based logo for screen printing).


When you digitize my artwork or logo, who owns the digitized file?

We retains copies to all files we have digitized. If you require your digitized artwork files, we will absolutely deliver them to you. Please let us know if you need your artwork files.


Do you send proofs prior to apparel production?

You will always receive a proof of your order before it is put into production. We do not print, sublimate, embroider, or otherwise create anything without your express, written approval.


Please review your proofs carefully. Look over all the information listed within the proof, review the images carefully, and request changes with anything you are not happy with.


If you need changes made to your items, please let us know upon receipt of your proof. We cannot be held responsible for mistakes and errors that occur if you have approved production without carefully reviewing your proof information.

If you do not need changes to your proof, please reply to the e-mail and let us know you approve your proof for production. Remember, we cannot move forward with production until we have received written approval of a proof.


How long does it take to get back to me regarding a quote or other contact?

Simple services such as screen printing, embroidery labels are usually with in 24 hours (excluding weekends, holidays, and other closures).


How long does it typically take to complete an order?

Order turnaround is impossible to precisely estimate without the details of a given project: turnaround times can depend on the services rendered and the complexity of the order. Standard screen printing and embroidery orders are 2 weeks; sublimation printing on blank garments are also 2 weeks. Anything cut and sew is 3-6 weeks. Also remember that shipping times are not included in the turnaround estimate for your order.


When does the clock start for my order turnaround time?

Your order turnaround time begins when payment has been processed. Please take this into consideration when calculating your in-hands date.


Here’s an example — let’s say you contact us on the 1st of January for screen printed garments. You need your garments on the 15th of January for an event. On the 1st of January, you begin the ordering process, and you let everyone know you need your goods on the 15th of January. After the order is initialized, however, you do not make a payment immediately — you wait until the 6th of January to make your payment. Unfortunately, at this point, we will need to either charge a rush fee, or we must deliver your goods with the standard two week turnaround for the 20th of January.


This is, again, because we do not begin processing your order until after you have submitted a payment.


How can I make sure my order is not delayed?

Please make sure you are absolutely ready to order.

Please make sure all the information you submit is correct and complete, especially payment information.

Please be ready to respond to us with any change requests, and approvals. We will contact you through the process of ordering custom apparel. Failure on your part to reply with approvals or change requests will result in a delay of your order: again, we will not print, sublimate, embroider, or create anything without your express, written approval.


Can you do rush orders?

For screen printing and embroidery, we can generally do rush orders. Please indicate that your job should be rushed when you are ordering. If you submit an order and then ask for it to be rushed, there is a chance our production schedule will not allow us to fulfill your order as requested.


Please note: non-negotiable rush fees, calculated by the day, accompany all rush orders.

Please also note: dye-sublimation printing, cut and sew manufacturing, and woven labels cannot be rushed.


What if I want to add additional garments after I have already placed an order?

It depends on the type of order and how much time has passed. Once the adjustment period has passed, we are unable to make quantity adjustments to your order.


Screen Printing and Embroidery: You can add garments within THREE days of placing your order.

Cut and Sew and Sublimation: You can add garments within FIVE days of placing your order.


What if I want to cancel my order?

Screen printing is a great way to merchandise your brand.


Please contact us as soon as possible regarding cancellation. Refunds for canceled orders are at the express discretion of CUSTOMWEARZ and its employees. If we have already made significant progress on your order, cancellation may not be possible.


When is payment due?

For orders over $1,000: A deposit of 50% is required before production begins. The balance of your order is required before we release your finished products to you.

For orders under $1,000: Payment is due in full before production begins.

Please be aware that we do not begin production on an order until a deposit or a full payment has been completed. We additionally do not release finished goods under any circumstances without receiving payment in full.


What kind of payment will you accept?

Credit cards, debit cards, bank checks, money orders, and cash.


Can you (send me a proof, send me a sample, digitize my artwork, order my goods, etc.) before I make a deposit?

No. we will not move forward with an order until we have received a deposit or a payment in full (depending on the full total of the order). It takes time to create proofs, samples, and digitize artwork. If we do these things prior to receiving payment, a client could decide to bring the proofs, digitized artwork, or other work we have done to another print shop without compensation. Our loss of money and time means we cannot serve our customers as effectively – and that’s a big problem!


What should I do if there is an error or issue with my order?

Contact us immediately. Your complete satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us! We are a professional apparel factory. We have several standards and procedures in place to assure our quality remains top-notch – nevertheless, we are human and mistakes sometimes happen. If there is an error, misprint, or issue with your order, we will work to correct mistakes, errors, or mishaps that have occurred. Again, your satisfaction is of supreme importance to us.


What should I do if I want to re-order?

Please contact us directly.


Will I pay the same amount on a re-order?

Generally, no. If you paid to have your logo digitized into DST format, or if you paid to have your artwork vectorized, or if you paid screen set-up fees — these fees will not be charged again when you re-order with us.


How do you prefer to be contacted?

We unanimously prefer e-mail contact at Customwearz® . This is for several reasons. The most important reason that we prefer e-mail, by far: there is much less room for error. Phone calls are verbal and there is no record of a the contents of a phone call, only that a phone call occurred. With e-mail, both you and the employees of Customwearz® have the full power to review the entirety of a conversation. This is advantageous to both parties – both Customwearz® and you will benefit from written records. Please note, in some instances, we may require written contact. This is especially true in the case of artwork approvals.


How should I contact you for an update I have already placed?

Please write us an email. If your request is urgent (i.e., an emergency) please feel free to call us instead. Always have your order number ready when you are requesting a status update on your order.


What are your hours of operation?

Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, Eastern Time.


Can we meet to discuss my project?

Yes! But before we can setup a meeting with one of our representatives, we will need you send us all information pertaining to your project for review.


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